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Funny Facts

Funny facts are sometimes not true, even though they’ve got the word ‘fact’ above them. You can usually tell the ones that are not true, however, because they’ll be just unbelievably outrageous. But then again, some facts that do seem untrue actually are. Funny facts are amazing, as well as entertaining, and can even be educational. They can range from topics such as sports to jewelry to toilet paper to books… you name it, there’s probably a funny fact about it. There are so many facts that are interesting, strange, funny, and even appalling. There are books and websites all over the place filled with random, interesting facts.

Rumors and Random Funny Facts

Some of these facts are considered rumors, especially sports facts. Some of them are true, but others aren’t. Some are so old that no one really knows whether or not they’re true. But, as the expression says, ‘Behind every lie, there’s a little truth,’ and, this is a fact. These older stories and legends usually stem from something a long time ago that could have been similar to what actually occurred, but through generations of being told, the story naturally got changed around. Just as false rumors and gossip can get started without being true, so can funny “facts.”

Negatives of Random Funny Facts

The bad thing about facts and rumors is that they can create reputations about people that are not good. Lots of people will believe almost anything they hear, and they’ll tell their friends, spreading the rumor around, thus giving the source a bad reputation. However, if it was true, the person was bound to get the reputation in the first place. But, the truth of the facts and rumors really depends on the person reading or hearing it. They’re the ones to decide what’s true and what’s not.

Funny Random Facts

The hour hand on a small watch travels .00000275 mph. Jellyfish don’t actually sting—they inject poison into the victim. Most horses sleep standing up. ‘Racecar’ spelled backwards is ‘racecar’. A chameleon’s tongue is twice as long as its body. The average person will eat 8 spiders in their sleep, in the span of a lifetime. (Not intentionally of course!) If someone yelled for 8 years, 7 months, and 6 days, their body would produce enough energy to heat one cup of coffee.