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Funny Faces

When you see pictures of people who are more often than not quite famous that have had alterations done to their facial features in order to create funny faces you will certainly find these kinds of faces quite funny to behold. Creating such faces should not be all that difficult because modern technology has put a number of useful tools in our hands with which to create any kind of funny faces. With the many graphic tools for editing available today, one can easily create faces of different shapes and sizes all with the intention of injecting some fun in the eyes and lives of the beholder.

However, there is just as much scope in creating funny faces using paper and gadgets as there is in using graphic tools and it can even become the focus of a learning class where young children especially can come together to learn how to create such faces though it is primarily meant for second or third grade students.

A good time to make funny faces would be around Halloween when one may have grown tired of the run of the mill pumpkin faces. Faces can be made to look even funnier by using face masks that show different emotions including feeling happy, angry, sad, scary as well as silly and even surprised.

Essentially, funny faces can be made with simple sheets of paper that may be folded in a hotdog or even sandwich fold which is then torn from three sides while retaining most of the paper in the process which should help in creating symmetrical facial shapes when the paper is unfolded once again. This may require more effort than using graphic tools but the end result is just as good and once the art is learnt, it can help in making many different shaped faces with features that are bound to bring a smile to your face.