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Funny Dogs

Art Linkletter used to say that kids say the darndest things and in many respects, he was right. However, pet owners have found that animals can also be hilarious without saying a word. Through cartoons as well as real life photos, there are many funny dogs that create a lot of humor for their owners as well as those fortunate enough to see the irony of life as seen through the eyes of a dog.

Turning Pets Into Human Beings

In order to create funny dogs many owners will dress them up as real people and use them as props for sight gags. But, giving the animal a personality through how it dressed can make the canine seem almost human. It is the attribution of human qualities that can make the animals the funniest whether through their costumes or in cartoons. Since everyone is aware that dogs can’t talk, well most everyone, having a drawing of a dog with a speech balloon over their head decrying the antics of a cat or their human owner, helps make them funny.

Funny Dogs Can Invoke Emotions

Numerous movies and cartoons have given the animals qualities of people in order to garner laughs or to emit certain emotions. Many use funny dogs to express how an owner may feel about their animal. Perhaps by allowing people to understand the dog’s feelings better, they feel closer to their animal and some feel even stronger about their pet being part of their family.

People’s Behavior Parallels Their Pets

Many times pictures of funny dogs are very similar to situations in which people have found themselves, making the presence of the animal in a similar spot that much funnier. This partly explains why funny dogs are so popular and many people, at one time in their lives, have probably had a dog for a pet, or knee someone who did and can relate real life experiences to those of the animal.