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Funny Cats

Funny Cat Stories

Cats are funny, mostly because of their personality and the way they do things. Cats have an attitude, and they like to do their own thing. If they don’t like you, they’ll let you know. If not by ignoring you, they’ll claw and scratch, meow and raise Cain! This is what makes cats so interesting. There are so many stories in which these furry little creatures make us giggle. For instance, you may have seen a cat claw a plastic bag and then slip on it, get scared, and go dashing throughout the house. Or you might have read stories of cats jumping off banisters and high places. Or of funny cats being frightened of dogs, and trying to fight the animals 10 times their size. There are so many great funny cats out there, and sometimes people are lucky enough to get them on tape or in a picture.

Funny Cat Photos

Lots of times, cats are funny cats without even trying to be. They like to sleep in weird places and positions, and this is the best time to catch photos of them. A really great photo is if you can purposely scare a cat. Their fur stands up and their tails erect. They begin to run with their ears perked up, and this is a perfect photo. Cats are curious animals, so they often scare themselves. Funny cats will also sniff the camera if you put it close enough to them, and this is what’s called a ‘Kodak Moment’, meaning this is an ideal time to snap a photo. Or you could snap a photo of a cat fooling around with you, another person, or even another animal. Funny cats often astonish us with their expressive faces and bizarre acrobatics. Kittens love to play, so if you or a friend are playing with one, have the camera ready for a great snapshot!

Funny Cat Videos

One thing everyone loves is a literal catfight. This is when two cats are going at it, whether or not they may be playing. Cats will fight with almost any animal or thing that is crossing their domain. Cats are jealous animals, so if it sees something sneaking to their food, sleeping area, scratching post, or anything else that belongs to it, get ready to see the cat go wild. Another great opportunity for a video is getting a cat to play on the camera. Get down on the floor and mess with the cat; this way, you’ll get to see great expressions on its face and funny movements. Or, if you know a cat is about to leap from one place to another, have the video camera ready! There are lots of amusing moments with these furry companions, and if you can catch them on video, you can keep them forever!