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Funny Cat

People tend to get a good laugh out of a funny cat. But why are cats so amusing? When a cat is still a little kitten, it likes to explore and play, as well as test situations to see what it can and can’t do. This makes for tons of funny cat situations. Situations like when a kitten is going to pounce a toy or a sibling to play, they wiggle their butts in the air and their little tail sticks straight up like an antenna. Then they start hopping around and you can’t help but laugh. Another funny cat situation is when a kitten or even a cat is chasing the invisible bug; almost everyone has seen a cat do this. The cat will go running and jumping all over the place, bouncing off of walls and flipping in the air all in pursuit of something no one can see aside from them. Sometimes a cat will even turn a somersault in pursuit of an invisible bug.

Even as cats get older, you get lots of funny cat incidents. A cat sleeping all peacefully at the edge of the couch rolls a bit and stretches, lets out a yawn, then slides right off the couch to the floor. Or you might see a cat go running through a room, hit a slippery floor, possibly a tiled kitchen or hardwood floor. The cat slides out of control and when it finally stops, it usually gets up and looks around to see if anyone saw. Sometimes at this point they will start washing themselves, pretending they haven't just done something silly. If they don’t think you saw them, they might scamper off to hide their embarrassment, or they might stand up straight, stick their nose in the air and stride off with pride as if they meant to do it on purpose.