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Funny Cartoons

Cartoon are little more than jokes told in a printed form using visual enhancement to get the point across. The majority of funny cartoons are those based on real people or ones to whom a majority of readers can relate. Most cartoons rely on the sight gag along with a few well-chosen words to create its intent of humor. Since 1843 when the intent of irony was used in drawings concerning one man’s opinion of the Palace of Winchester, using humor in pictorial form has had a solid audience.

Most Cartoons Carry Cloud Of Fun

Gag humor is often depicted in newspapers and magazines, although a few of the most popular funny cartoons have found their way into book form with numerous funny cartoons by the same person being presented. Several cartoons grew from the single panel with people or animals with a word cloud over their heads to show who was speaking, into panel cartoons. These may be two or even 12 panels with a continuing story. From there, the cartoon characters were animated and made into moving pictures known by the same name of cartoon.

Cartoons Used To Depict Political Opinion

Using irony and opinion is the base for many political cartoons, and while humor is the main attempt in these funny cartoons, they often carry a message of political or social importance. Many consider the political cartoon as a metaphor for the current opinion on political topics. Speech balloons are often used in these panels while in some cases the artists simply enters a message as part of the drawing, or as a message about the drawing. Most political cartoons are printed in newspapers or in news magazines only, with topics typically covered by the media in which they are included.

Drama Enters Strip Comic Genre

Funny cartoons that appear in multiple panels, called strip cartoons, are no longer limited to humor. Many dramatic strip panels are now found with their characters, through the artist, making a statement of social importance of the times.