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Funny Cars

When you are fond of making people laugh and would like to take it to the next level, one thing that we could do is create ourselves a funny car which would drive you and your passengers laughing with an out of this world experience of a ride. However, this may seem crazy but the real “funny car” is the one made for car racing which was popularized during the NHRA drag racings which have forward-mounted engines and carbon fiber automotive bodies over the chassis, giving them an appearance similar to manufacturers in Detroit’s showroom models.

Racing Now With The Funny Car

Nowadays after some years, car sedans that have four doors have replaced the traditional two-door coupes in Funny Car. And right now, the Dodge Charger and Chevrolet Impala sedans are popularly being used in the NHRA when they are racing. And as expected, these funny cars which were highly developed and remodeled to have a high-quality and high-power specifications to make the car faster and perform highly as compared to other regular cars those we usually see.

Keep in mind though that these funny cars’ key to immense power lies on the fuel and most funny cars that were developed and specified deliver five hundred to six hundred pounds-force per square inch of fuel pressure at as much as seventy-five U.S. gallons per minute. When in a single run which includes the starting, burnout, backing up, staging, 1/4 mile, these funny cars can burn as much as fifteen U.S. gallons or fifty-seven liters of gas which when you think of it is really powerful and gas guzzling.
These funny cars were built and developed during the 1960’s and the front wheels have been transferred forward on the chassis for the improvement of the transfer of the weight under such great accelerations. And when you look at the cars, they really seem to be odd looking as compared to regular cars that is why it has been named as “funny cars”.