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Funny Car

For serious racing fans, it’s hard to imagine a whole class of vehicles that have the namesake funny car. The funny car is actually a class of professional racing vehicles with a front mounted engine and a fiberglass body. Some other examples of cars in this particular class include top fuel and pro stock racing cars, to name a few. Believe it or not, there are some seriously strict guidelines when it comes to racing a funny car, and most of these rules are in relation to the car’s engine. For example, the vehicles’ engines can only be V-8 engines with two valves per cylinder. This is just one small example of the many rules and regulations that have been set forth by the NHRA for the funny car. The funny car can give about 500 to 600 pounds of force per square inch, making them a formidable competitor on the racing track.

In the 1960s, the first funny cars were built. These cars got their name because the front wheels had been moved forward in order to help improve upon weight transfer when the cars accelerate. This type of car was the first of its kind, and thus earned itself the nickname of the funny car. These cars have twin parachutes at the back in order to serve as an extra safety mechanism. The parachutes deploy when the car crosses the finish line in order to help slow it down and keep it stable because of its unusual shape. Originally the funny car was simply a two door coupe, but in recent years, some manufacturers have actually begun making models in a four door style. Dodge and Chevrolet are some examples. For such an unusual look, the funny car has made quite an impact on the world of automobile racing.