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Funny Baby Pictures

Funny baby pictures are used for lots of things. Though your parents can use them against you when you bring home a boyfriend or girlfriend, they can also serve pleasant purposes. Lots of high school seniors’ parents submit a baby picture of the senior in for the yearbook. Normally these pictures are sent in with messages from the senior’s family, telling them what a great job they’ve done and how proud they are of the senior. This is the first sentimental way to use a baby picture, even though this can be embarrassing to an extent!

Baby picture contests

Funny baby pictures can also be used in games or contests, perhaps to see who has the funniest picture or to see if other people can guess who the mysterious baby is. Prizes usually include money or cool materials. Though some of these contests are held on television for the whole world to see (oh, no!), the prize can be worth your time and embarrassment! Also, most times it is not said who the baby is, unless the person who submitted the picture wishes it to be so. Or, it can show the child who won the contest on TV, but not many people will know the person, except the person’s family and friends.

Funny baby picture scrapbooks

Baby pictures are special memories, and therefore should be used for a degree of sentimentality. One way to do this would be to compile a scrapbook. Scrapbooks can be made for friends, family, parents, children, cousins, and so on. Funny baby picture scrapbooks are for anyone as long as you have enough pictures to make it worth your while. Funny baby pictures are classics in scrapbooks, especially if you’re making a scrapbook that follows someone as they grow older. Or you can make a baby-themed scrapbook, with lots of baby pictures of your friends or family. These make great gifts and lasting memories.

And last but definitely not least—the real embarrassment! If you bring a boyfriend or girlfriend to the house, what’s the first thing your parents do? Yep! They whip out the baby pictures! Thankfully, though, most boyfriends or girlfriends don’t laugh; they’ll probably think it’s cute. It is still embarrassing, however, especially if it’s a picture of a naked baby or a baby with food all over its face. But before you get humiliated at the thought of your earliest memories captured, remember that your boyfriend or girlfriend was once a baby as well! Maybe you'll get to see his or her funny baby pictures soon.