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Funny Babies

Funny babies are a favorite form of entertainment for many people. You can find comical images of babies in the different forms of media and you can even find information and images of funny babies of the animal kingdom.

Comical Youngsters

Funny babies are often the feature subject of images and films. Babies look particularly comical when the youngster is dressed in a recognizable uniform of an adult and is given the props that resemble the regular sized versions that an adult would actually use. Many times, babies are also dressed in animal costumes or as a fairy because the fat and round shape of a baby looks funny when the child is dressed up in such an unexpected costume.

You can find babies as the feature character of cartoons and comic strips where the typical behavior of babies is emphasized and used to create comical situations. Babies are also main characters of feature films and animated films because of the hilarity that can result when a baby is put into different situations.

Babies On TV

Babies are also favorite subjects for the popular funniest video television programs and you can see entire segments that are dedicated to babies and the things that they do. In many of these types of home videos, you can see babies being given sour foods, saying funny things, acting fussy, fighting, dressing up and having accidents that have a funny ending.

Babies are also popular as subjects of funny websites. Many websites create collections of images and videos that are sent by readers and these websites allow people to share funny stories about the babies that they know.

Funny babies will always be a favorite topic of people and almost everybody knows a funny story about one baby or another. It is fun to compare comical stories and images of babies.