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Funny Animals

If you love animals and think that, the average animal is funny sometimes or all the time, you probably love seeing funny animals being featured in different displays in a variety of places. It is possible to see images of comical animals on just about any surface imaginable.

Funny animals are popular with people everywhere. You can find funny pictures of funny animals on postcards, greeting cards, t-shirts, books, magazines, images online and anywhere else that a picture of an animal may be posted.

Eddie And Mr. Ed

You can watch animals on television commercials and on television programs. Eddie the little Jack Russell terrier on "Frasier" or Mr. Ed the talking horse from the 60s television series were both animals featured as regular “stars” of funny television programs. You can find cartoons and animated films featuring animals in comical situations.

Hilarious images of animals are a favorite feature on funniest video television programs and you can watch entire segments and series dedicated to hilarious animals. Typical pet videos may include the cat sleeping somewhere weird and then falling off and out of range of the camera or the dog appearing to drive a vehicle while wearing sunglasses and a hat.

Animals are also favorite topics of comic strips and people can read about animal characters everyday. You can find animals in comic strips that feature a group of animals as the entire cast or a single animal who interacts with his family and either gets the spotlight all the time or just occasionally.

There are many websites dedicated to humorous animals, you can look at pictures that readers have sent in of their own funny pets, and you can find hilarious websites that are dedicated to different pet types.

Funny animals are such a popular image that you or somebody else could be wearing a shirt with such a kooky image. One of the reasons that people love animals so much is because of how funny animals can be.