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There is a wealth of free jokes that can be found on thousands of web sites and in ebooks. Depending on the type of free jokes a person is searching for and who the audience these jokes are intended for, this can be a long and grueling task.

Many free jokes web sites offer jokes that are public domain, meaning that they are free from copyright and anyone can use and reproduce them. However, if you are searching for free jokes to compile into your own publication, you should be wary of where you are getting your material. Be sure to not only credit your sources at the end of your publication, but to make sure that if there is a writer or a copyright protection, that you have permission to reproduce that writer’s materials. The same is true for someone who intends to perform this material as well.

Another point to consider is the type of free jokes someone is looking for and the purpose. Perhaps you are hosting a retirement party and would like to deliver a couple of witty one-liners to your business associates to lighten the mood or are looking for some family friendly side splitters that will delight the children between cake and presents at a birthday bash. It is important to keep that in mind when searching the Internet for free jokes to not only narrow down your search options, but also to avoid those that you or your audience may find particularly offensive. For example, a web site hosting free jokes about dumb blondes may not be suitable for business functions or entertaining around the water cooler.

Though web sites offering free jokes may be a quick reference guide, the best jokes are those made through personal experiences and spontaneous interactions. The more original the material is, the more laughs one is likely to receive.