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Dirty Jokes

Dirty jokes are probably as old as the hills because it is easy to imagine a couple of women or even two men from pre-historic times standing around talking about the other sex and telling each other funny stories that we would consider as "dirty". The funniest jokes probably stuck around and it is possible that some of the adult-themed jokes that we tell each other today are based on funny stories and jokes that are much older than we could imagine.

You can find dirty jokes that include different levels of adult content and it is possible to tell a joke through innuendo and without the use of any explicit language. The sexual joke is not for all audiences and is generally considered adult in nature. Many adults are offended by adult themed jokes if it is told in the wrong group although in the right setting, such a joke is acceptable.

Is It The Right Time For One?

You can find different types of off-color based on any category or theme. You can find dirty jokes that appeal strictly to men or women. Many times, one of these jokes may only be understood and shared among a particular group or it may only work in a certain language because of sound or word meaning. Some cultures include these types of jokes as part of their communication systems between different groups. Off-color jokes are also understood and shared among people with similar attitudes towards sexuality.

Although dirty jokes are not for everyone at every minute, you can find examples of adult themed jokes on t-shirts, greeting cards, posters and on other mediums. Dirty jokes will probably never go out of fashion no matter what their critics may say, because it seems to be a natural product of everyday conversation.