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College Humor

Types of College Humor

College kids have a very definite sense of humor. They don’t want all those cheesy laughs; no, they want adventure, humor, and entertainment, even if it means getting themselves into trouble. College kids can tend to have disagreements and be hard on one another, and they’ll use crude college humor to get back at one another. They also derive laughs out of this, especially if the person is embarrassed in front of a bunch of people. Others, especially guys, will go sneaking out in the middle of the night, looking for a prank to pull, or something funny to make happen. This, again, would normally be to embarrass the geeks, their guy friends, or even their female friends! As long as someone laughs, it was worth everything—the planning, the setup, the people that now hate them, and even the trouble they got into!

What College Kids Do For Fun

College kids like excitement and adventure. This might include things such as having wild parties, raiding the girls’ dorms and shower rooms, picking on the ‘pledges,’ and things like that. College humor can be rude or satirical, and students are often willing to do anything that can earn them a name, or that will make an unforgettable memory. College kids are like high school kids in many ways, only in lots of cases, they’re more mature, probably because they realize they’re now paying for their own education!

College Humor Examples

There are some jokes that are made especially for college kids, because they can really relate to them. Some of these jokes are listed below. You might be a physics major if you’ve actually tried every function on your graphing calculator. The difference between college freshmen and college seniors: Freshmen know a book full of useless trivia about the whole college. Seniors know where their next class is… they think. You’ve been in the University too long when you consider Mc Donald’s real food, you’d rather clean than study, and you think nothing of it when you don’t wake up in your own bed.