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Clean Jokes

Remember as a child when a pig fell in the mud was about the dirtiest joke you knew? Since then vulgarity has claimed a place with many comedians, who apparently believe that clean jokes don’t get the same reaction from an audience as the shock value that accompanies their foul language. Some of the best jokes are those whose punch lines are totally unexpected. The story sets up the audience, which may be led to consider one type of ending and when the unexpected is made apparent, the laughs begin.

Laughs Abound Through Audience Perspective

A few comedians have found great success with clean jokes and instead of using foul language, they consider their lives and find humorous episodes to which a majority of the audience can relate. Additionally, a comedian with a repertoire of dirty jokes is limiting their audience as well as the venue at which their type of humor is appreciated. With many groups pushing for family values, those who can draw laughs with clean jokes often realize more jobs in family related environments.

Family Values Shun Off Color Humor

Many comedians, male and female, have a life beyond comedy club stages and by telling clean jokes were able to move from the stage to the screen. Starring in their own situation comedies with weekly plots developed from their jokes and experiences as mothers, fathers and their interaction with other relatives and friends. Prior to their success in the television genre of family entertainment, other comedians attempted to translate their less that acceptable humor into fame in movies. However, it was often short lived due mainly to the limited audience acceptance.

Clean Humor Accepted At More Places

The biggest advantage for career advancement will go to those who tell clean jokes as they have wider audience appeal. This can be especially important in vacation destinations where many adults are reluctant to leave underage children behind while they go out for entertainment. Being able to present material in front of all age groups can provide a comedian with more opportunities.