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Clean Funny Jokes

Hearing a funny joke can be a good laugh for everyone and it can also help to cheer someone up and brighten their day. There are a lot of jokes that are geared towards adults but there are also many excellent clean funny jokes that can be told to the family at the dinner table or to your old fashioned grandparents who might be offended easily. A clean funny joke can cause as many laughs as an adult oriented joke and other locker room type humor as some might call it, and there are many very famous comedians who have made a great living telling clean funny jokes. A couple famous comedians that everyone has heard of that do many family friendly comedies and crack many clean jokes are Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams. These two comedians that are now household names have also told many adult jokes but nowadays they tend to stick to many family friendly comedy movies.

For the mothers and fathers that want to learn some good clean funny jokes to tell their children during dinner or family fun time there are many great books that can help you learn some good clean jokes to get the whole family laughing. If you are a creative person you may be able to even write some great clean funny jokes for the family, and who knows maybe someday you can even write your own book full of family jokes. There are definitely an abundance of resources available to help you become the family friendly comedian at all of the family reunions and holidays, and it will also help keep the quality family time a family fun time. Jokes in general are a great way to cheer someone up or even just break the ice when you are first meeting someone, without humor the world would be a truly boring place to live in and everyone needs to embrace the lighter side of life and have a few laughs now and then.