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Blonde Jokes

There are very few groups immune to being the butt of humor, even with the political incorrectness presumed by stereotyping any particular group of people and using any similarities in an attempt to get laughs. Even if members of the group believe that black hair dye is a form of artificial intelligence, there may be some that take the insinuation that all people with blonde hair lack a certain level of intelligence.

Political Correctness Forces Change of Aim

When it became unpopular to use race, creed, religion or national origin in the context of humor, others who may be part of a different minority quickly joined in complaining of how they are unfairly being targeted by others simply for making blonde jokes. While few people who would tell the jokes actually held any animosity towards any particular social group, acceptance of humor was only available to the stories that masked the group at which the humor was being pointed.

Spirit Of Humor Often Gets Lost

When people began referring to a freezer full of blondes as frosted flakes, the cereal company’s spokesman began to complain about the blonde jokes. However, since humor is one way that many people use to cope with their busy lives, there quickly were fewer things to joke about. Granted, there are jokes that lack taste and regardless of any group included in this poor attempt at humor, people are going to tell jokes. While some agree that unfairly lumping people together for the sake of a few laughs, other believe it is time they get over it and accept it in the spirit of which it is intended.

Some Reluctant To Show Appreciation For A Joke

While most people do enjoy a good joke, they may be reluctant to show their appreciation for good blonde jokes, especially in the presence of blonde. Male and females with light hair are equal game when it comes to blonde jokes and for many of the targets they can laugh at the humor. A few however, take exception of the stereotype and find no humor in the joke.