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Adult Jokes

Those who tell adult jokes seem to like the lasciviousness of it all. It can be the forbidden taboo of certain subject matter that can make adult jokes worth telling. The decision of what constitutes adult jokes is subjective, and what may seem like adult jokes to some, are simply funny stories to others.

Adult jokes have been a popular way for society to express their interest in certain subjects that are considered impolite to discuss in mixed company. It will not surprise many men to realize that there are lots of women who enjoy adult jokes too.

Adult jokes are more easily shared then ever before with the advent of the internet. Many people who work for large corporations have to be careful about what adult jokes they have access to, as the passing or receiving of these types of jokes are banned. It is not because the corporation in question does not have a sense of humor; merely that adult jokes may be a way that employees can be passing valuable secrets of the company to competitors.

Adult jokes can be very funny, very vulgar, or very innocent. It depends upon what the person doing the telling of adult jokes feels about the story they are sharing. You may think that people will be shocked by adult jokes, but with the lenience of the rules for television these days, adult jokes flourish, and it doesn’t matter if it is during times that children may be watching.

Regulations and restrictions on the types of adult jokes that are allowed to be aired during TV viewing times for families has eased up quite a bit in the last few years. It is easier than ever for writers to incorporate more and more adult jokes into the scripts of the shows they for which they write.