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Adult Humor

What is often considered adult humor these days often includes bathroom humor, bodily functions and sexual jokes. With life being so complicated in modern times, many people like to relax and have some downtime laughing at some adult humor.

Lots of times even children’s movies and shows are peppered with adult humor that goes right over the little tyke’s heads. The writers do this in order to get the parents to enjoy the show as well as their children. Most times the adult humor in children’s movies and television shows is quite mild, and it is too complicated for the little ones to get.

There are so many sources available for adult humor. There are movies and sitcoms, as well as comedy shows that are dedicated to showcasing rising new talents that are chock full of adult humor. Adult humor that appeals to the masses is those jokes that everyone can relate to on some level or another. Adult humor can be based on marital or relationships, or even the joys and pitfalls of being a parent.

Adult humor is way to let go of some of the tension of the day. There are many commuters who love to listen to adult humor on the radio on the long and often boring ride home. Listening to a bit of adult humor will have you laughing before you arrive home, leaving you ready to interact with the family.

The internet is a great source of adult humor. You may be sent many emails containing all kinds of adult humor that makes you laugh out loud. You are often quick to share adult humor that has tickled your funny bone with all your family and friends.

Indulging in a little adult humor every now and again is a great way to get the good chemicals working in your brain and when you laugh, you can rest assured you are doing something that truly benefits your health as well as your sense of humor.